Environmental Footprint

Long Lasting Design

GSI Outdoors designs, manufactures our products to last for years if not generations. We assess each materials to determine the optimum application for the product in terms of performance, longevity and usability. We offer a robust parts replacement program so that the life of a product can be extended whenever possible.

Reusability and Recyclability

We use design for disassembly principles and materials that are recyclable in as many components of our products as possible. All of our packaging is designed and materials are selected for maximum reusability and recyclability.

Sustainable Materials

Our design team focuses on sustainable materials in the initial phase of designing a product. We work with our factories to determine what materials will offer the best solution in terms of both sustainability, performance and long-term usability. As part of our commitment, we are continually auditing our existing products to determine if any component material can be updated to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Factories

Our factories conform to the strictest environmental and social mandates possible in the country of origin and all of our products undergo extensive testing to comply with both federal and international material safety standards.

Sustainable Distribution

We focus on choosing shipping materials that allow us to minimize the quantity of material while still protecting products from damage. We actively measure and manage the packaging-to-product ratio to continually reduce waste in our recycled-content shipping cartons. In addition, use supply-chain partners who share our goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Recently, one of our supply-chain ocean shipping partners was honored with the distinguished Green Shipping Award for using low-sulfur fuel.

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